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How to Build a Website If You Don’t Know HTML

Don’t let not knowing HTML stop you from building a website – there are a number of editors available that will help you design pages and install them on your web hosting server. These editors – often called WYSIWYG editors (for “what you see is what you get”) – come with handy tools that make setting up links, changing fonts and editing colors easy. But these tools aren’t just for the beginning web designer – in many cases, professional web designers also find these applications indispensable.

HTML editors and design software

Today, you can buy HTML editors for under $20 that will allow you create professional looking websites in minutes. In some cases, your word processing software will also allow you to design websites. The major advantage of these programs is that you can simply drag and drop various items wherever you want them on the page. Without question, this is much easier than trying to manually code HTML tags and trying to visualize how the site will look. You may even be able to find editors that will help you write and incorporate various kinds of scripts.

In many cases, HTML editors will also come with basic templates that suit most needs. As you click through the simple website creation steps, you’ll also be given the opportunity to edit the images, text, font colors, and sizes that will make your page unique. These software packages will also create link structures that will make publishing your site as simple as uploading the files to the server. Depending on the browser that you have, it may also have a web design module.

Online HTML editors

Many web hosts today provide free online HTML editing software. As with non-internet based packages, these scripts will make it easy for you to design and publish your sites using the same drag and drop interface. In many cases, you’ll have access to the hottest new tags and templates, without having to pay to upgrade your software. If you’re a beginning website owner, seek out a hosting provider that offers this service for free and offers support for new users navigating the program – this could prove to be invaluable.

Using blogs and other pre-engineered tools

Many people are taking advantage of blogs and other pre-designed tools to get their sites up and running with a minimal amount of effort. Aside from making it extremely easy to embed links, images, and videos, you can also add links to Ebay stores and other revenue generating features – without knowing a single HTML tag. Some of the most popular blog solutions are Blogger and Blogspot – both of which offer free, easy to use setup and design features.

The internet is no longer the sole domain of professional web designers and publishers. As more people have gained access to the internet, new tools have been developed to help them create and publish websites as quickly and easily as possible. As a result, you’ll find a number of solutions – from online editors to complete software packages – to help create your website.