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Tips On How and Where to Sell A Website

Do you own a domain name or a website that you plan to sell? If you are no longer using your site and want to sell it for some profit, then read on for some useful tips.

Before you put the tag of ‘this website for sale,’ it is important that you gather some important information about the business of selling websites in order to maximize your revenue.
1. Find Out The Worth Of Your Site – If it is a domain name, it is good to ask around on various domain forums. If it is a content website, assume the buyer will want to be able to recoup his investment within 1-2 years pre-tax.

2. Make Your Website Interesting And Catchy – Do some online research and update your site before you offer it for sale. The design of the site is very important to catch the buyer’s fancy. For example if the site pertains to selling children’s items, make it colorful and lively, but not too gaudy. After designing it properly, make sure that the site has some utility. Just offering to sell a website, which has no useful content or purpose, is like hitting your head against a wall.

3. Have Your Statistics Ready– Get your affairs in order before contacting potential buyers. They would like to know your total website traffic, as well as the traffic breakdown (how many visitors from various search engines, how many are direct bookmarks, what are the popular keywords of your site, average page views etc.) This would give the buyers a quick glance about the performance of the site.

4. Maintain Some Financial Records To Substantiate Your Site’s Performance – It is always advisable to maintain some financial data on the website, such as how much money you earn from advertisements etc., so that potential buyers get an idea about the site’s financial performance.

5. Make A Good Sales E-mail Letter – This is relevant as in this you introduce the website and its history to probable buyers, reasons as to why you are offering your website for sale, what the future potential of the site is, its profitability etc.

6. Sell To WM Media: If you like our blog, you will probably like dealing with us too :). Contact us using our “Sell Your Website” form to get an offer on your site.