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Archive for August, 2008

Tips On How and Where to Sell A Website

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

Do you own a domain name or a website that you plan to sell? If you are no longer using your site and want to sell it for some profit, then read on for some useful tips.

Before you put the tag of ‘this website for sale,’ it is important that you gather some important information about the business of selling websites in order to maximize your revenue.
1. Find Out The Worth Of Your Site – If it is a domain name, it is good to ask around on various domain forums. If it is a content website, assume the buyer will want to be able to recoup his investment within 1-2 years pre-tax.

2. Make Your Website Interesting And Catchy – Do some online research and update your site before you offer it for sale. The design of the site is very important to catch the buyer’s fancy. For example if the site pertains to selling children’s items, make it colorful and lively, but not too gaudy. After designing it properly, make sure that the site has some utility. Just offering to sell a website, which has no useful content or purpose, is like hitting your head against a wall.

3. Have Your Statistics Ready– Get your affairs in order before contacting potential buyers. They would like to know your total website traffic, as well as the traffic breakdown (how many visitors from various search engines, how many are direct bookmarks, what are the popular keywords of your site, average page views etc.) This would give the buyers a quick glance about the performance of the site.

4. Maintain Some Financial Records To Substantiate Your Site’s Performance – It is always advisable to maintain some financial data on the website, such as how much money you earn from advertisements etc., so that potential buyers get an idea about the site’s financial performance.

5. Make A Good Sales E-mail Letter – This is relevant as in this you introduce the website and its history to probable buyers, reasons as to why you are offering your website for sale, what the future potential of the site is, its profitability etc.

6. Sell To WM Media: If you like our blog, you will probably like dealing with us too :). Contact us using our “Sell Your Website” form to get an offer on your site.

How To Sell A Website More Profitably

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

A common question that troubles most website owners is: How do I sell my website? Every year thousands of websites are sold. The advent of online businesses is largely responsible for the demand of websites. The tag “This website is for sale” is as common as Hollywood couples getting a divorce! Today, there are numerous website owners who don’t know how to sell a website profitably.

Getting A Good Price For A Website Sale

Keep in mind the following points to get a good price for your website.

  1. Determine the best place to sell your site, as certain sites sell more profitably at certain places.
  2. Prior to listing your website, determine its price to set the right value.
  3. While listing website, make sure that you include all the important information about your site.

Are you still wondering how to sell a website? Well, there are techniques that can help you sell website more profitably. Follow the given tips.

Choosing The Domain Name

Remember, the best domain names are the ones that are easy to remember. In contrast, lengthy domain names, misspelled versions of terms, and numerous words linked with hyphens can decrease the value of your site.

Building The Audience

The value and popularity of a website can be judged by the number of visitors it can attract. If a website attracts more visitors, it will be more valuable in the eyes of potential buyers. Therefore, increasing the traffic to your website is an imperative task. First, start focusing on the requirements of a specific group. Remember, instead of selecting a general theme, take a specific theme. In fact, specific websites are search engine friendly. Moreover, you can apply search engine optimization techniques to boost your website traffic. This will help immensely when it comes to selling your website.

Escalating The Sales

In general, buyers are attracted toward websites that have carved their niche in the web world. A website with a huge audience and great sales can should easily tempt potential buyers. The value of a domain can be easily determined by the number of sales it creates each year. Now, you don’t need to worry about how to increase the sales. Start with less expensive items that can be produced in bulk. You can easily sell your products if a good demand is created. Another way is to arrange huge annual sales.  All you need to do is offer an expensive service that appeals to numerous people belonging to a specific industry. This is a great method to increase your sales manifold times. 

Building Brand Name

This is will also help when developing a website. Try to establish your domain as a good brand name. There are several ways to do it. Promote it by putting up your ads consistently in significant places. Also, put your name on important websites through advertising. Further, present yourself as an expert by writing articles. Direct active involvement in your industry’s important Internet discussion groups can also be a good idea.